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i'm a repeat first-time offender

who has rewritten history.

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sarah anne
15 October
adult swim, alanis morissette, amélie, aqua teen hunger force, beck, ben gibbard, bizarro, boston bruins, bruce campbell, caffeine, cats, chuck palahniuk, clockwork orange, comedy central, comfortable silences, cooking mama, dancing, dancing in the rain, danny elfman, deadly diseases, death, death cab for cutie, deviantart, disney, dying, ebola, emily haines, evil, ewan mcgregor, eyes, faeries, fairly oddparents, fairy tales, family guy, fight club, gackt, gay rights, gryffindor, guns, halloween, han solo, harry potter, hello kitty, hentai, homestar runner, horror, hot jews, imaginary friends, intelligence, jedi, jon stewart, jones soda, kids in the hall, kill bill, killer7, kisses, kissing, leekspin, lemony snicket, looshkin, lord of the rings, love, low brass, lying under the stars, making out, marching, marching band, metric, miyazaki, music, mythology, natalie dee, nintendo, nintendo wii, obi-wan kenobi, oingo boingo, pansexual, phoenix wright, polaroid, polaroid cameras, post secret, power rangers, psychology, quentin tarantino, quotes, rain, rainbows, reading, reel big fish, religion, resident evil, resident evil 4, rob dougan, robot chicken, robots, romance, sarcasm, scarlett johansson, serial killers, sex, sexuality, sin city, sirius black, ska, sleep, sleeping, something awful, star wars, staring at the ceiling, stars, staying up all night, supernatural, the boondock saints, the boondocks, the colbert report, the daily show, the hot zone, the postal service, they might be giants, thinking outside the box, thunderstorms, tim burton, tk421, totoro, trauma center, uniforms, unresolved sexual tension, video games, wasting time, wii, winter, wishes, world domination, world of warcraft, wow, writing, zelda, zombies

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